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If you have a question about the use or certification of equipment for use in explosive gas atmospheres, visit the specific Yahoo group 'hazloc'  that has been set up to give you a 'hot-line' to the experts. SIgn up to this group to post and respond to questions. 

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Electrical Heat Tracing standards - cross reference chart:  Links to a separate page on this site.
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Explosion protection techniques  ..   (Methods of protection)

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Zones and Divisions - Why the increased interest in North America?
The US National Electrical Code (1999) and the Canadian Electrical Code (1998) recognized the use of the Zone system of Hazardous Location classification, as used in Europe and other parts of the world. This provided the opportunity for electrical products designed for European hazardous locations to gain acceptance in North America.  Also, North American companies now have a local, as well as an overseas market for products specifically designed to offer methods of protection such as the Ex-e method of protection. More detailed information is available from Killark (faq pages no longer on their website, but see Killark hazardous location data) or review a copy of their old faqs (frequently asked questions) information at (Killark 1997 faqs).

Add information to this page.  This page will be updated to include links to web pages with information about the classification of Hazardous Locations by the Division or Zone classification system.  An index of commercial links to pages describing electrical equipment meeting both European Hazardous Location requirements and North American requirements is also provided.  This includes European equipment which can now become (or is already) certified, listed or approved to Canadian or U.S. standards. To add a link to your information, send details to:

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