Technical Books and Publications

1.         Electrical Design And Installation Handbook For Hazardous Classified Locations

 By: Loyd, Richard E.     1996 Edition//Softcover      224 pages

 An essential on-the-job reference that provides complete criteria to assist in the classification of hazardous electrical installations, this guide was written by one of the country's foremost experts on the National Electrical Code. It includes interpretationss for applying the 1996 NEC requirements as well as safety-related guidance on NFPA, OSHA, and other pertinent mandates, including listing and labeling requirements. 500 illustrations.
 Publication Date: June 1996 ;
 Publisher: Delmar Publishers Inc.

 ISBN: 0827369824
 USA/Canada: US$35.00
 Australia/NZ: A$65.60
 Other Countries:US$42.00
Prices subject to change to be advised on receipt of order.
Available from: Open Communications Inc,. Home Page:

Also:    Electrician's Technical Reference - Hazardous Locations  Richard Loyd

Electrician's Technical Reference: Hazardous Locations covers electrical wiring methods and basic electrical design considerations for hazardous locations. It includes specific design criteria and wiring methods and materials required by the National Electrical Code and other NFPA standards.

 Price: US $23.95
 224 pp, 7 3/8 x 9 1/4", hardcover
 ©1999 from Delmar Publishers  or

2. Hazardous Locations: A Guide for the Design, Construction and Installation of Electrical Equipment in Explosive
Atmospheres     By John A. Bossert
Available from CSA
ISBN 0-921347-39-1
PLUS 2203
HAZLOC-94 . [ID# 5032] . . .$49 Cdn.

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